From Old Leather Coat to Trendy Leather Tote

I followed Don Morin’s “Making Leather Bags” course on Craftsy and created this fabulous leather bag.  This coat’s Stitch Story starts way before I met it at a local thrift store and gave it a new life. The coat had a decidedly 80’s style.

One of the most challenging aspects of making this bag was constructing the rouleaux handles.  In order to construct the handles it takes 2 strips of leather about 30 inches long, two small  pieces of leather to be used as tabs to cover the ends of the handles, and cording for the inside of the handles.

The cording is placed inside of the leather strips, which is folded over the cording and then stitched on the outside.


Slits are made in the tabs, the rouleaux handles are placed on the body of the bag, through the slits and the tabs are then sewn down.



This is done before the two sides of the bag are sewn together.   The result is a beautiful custom handle on a one-of-a-kind bag.


The result is a beautiful custom handle on a one-of-a-kind bag!

Got an old coat you’d like to see re-tooled into a stylish trendy tote?


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