From Suede Jacket to Funky Pillow

I have been rolling around in my mind, the idea of doing a pillow for my best friend, for a while.  I thought it would be fun to do something a little different before launching into the spring bag making frenzy.  My BF and I have very different tastes so I wanted to come up with something that I thought she would like.  When we were in World Market one day she told me that she wanted a red pillow.  So I knew that color would provide the basis for the pillow I would craft.

She’s big on quality and is quite fond of the earth, so I knew she would appreciate my desire to create something that was made from high-quality recycled material.

I chose this vibrant red suede jacket.

Red Suede Jacket

Many hours of labor later this funky pillow was born!

Red suede Pillow - After

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