Why You Need to Use Recycled Leather in Your Bag Making

I love making handbags out of recycled leather. Making bags out of recycled leather is much more time-consuming than using original skins. But the results can be a lot more satisfying. Especially when you factor in that bags made from recycled leather are leaving a smaller footprint on the planet. Not to mention the cost of new leather vs.  the cost associated with recycled leather.

When I began back making several years ago I was totally overwhelmed with the statistics regarding how much of our clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories end up in landfills due to fast fashion. The statistics are staggering! Our planet is not getting any larger but the number of items that each of us own, grows every year.

The Greenpeace Organization reports that between 2000 and 2014 global production of consumer clothing doubled, the average buys 60% more clothing every year and holds on to them for half as long as people did 15 years ago.

I am sure you know from your own experience that most of the clothing that we get rid of is still very usable, we just tire of wearing them. And few of us are actually removing, one-for-one, items from our wardrobe when we add new items.

I will be doing series of videos showing you how to repurpose and harvest leather from old jackets and coats for use in bag making and other DIY projects.

Stay Tuned!



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