You wake up everyday and add to the story of your life.What you put on your body are words on a page – paint on a canvas. You cloth yourself with items that are loved  – until they are not.  

The  overwhelming “bounty” of our once-loved items – end up discarded.  Landfills are brimming with unwanted clothes.  85% of landfills consist of unwanted clothes. At Stitch Story the aim is to take things that were once loved and turn them into items that can be loved again.  

The material I use primarily is leather.  Unlike cotton and other fibers, leather does not break down easily. It is beautiful and just gets better with age; a couple of the reasons I chose to use it in the bags I create.  All the leather coats, and jackets I use come to create my bags come with their own history, their own past.

 Their structure and style, though most likely outdated by the time they reach me, can be reworked and recreated into a contemporary or classic bag that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the original coat or jacket.

I use high quality, gently worn, men’s dress shirts for the linings in my bags.  They give distinction to the bags’ interior, elevating the look.  

 Stitch Story is <em>your</em> story.

My Stitch Story begins at the age of five when I literally sat at my grandmother’s knee and watched her sew on her Singer Treadle machine.

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-31 alignleft” src=”https://stitchstory.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/8-19-Singer_sewing_machine_table-233×300.jpg” alt=”8-19-Singer_sewing_machine_table” width=”233″ height=”300″ />I collected the scraps that fell from my grandmothers’ creations to fashion into clothes for my dolls.  I wasn’t allowed to use the machine but I learned how to stitch by hand and my love of sewing was born.

Every garment, accessory, slipcover, and bag I’ve made are a direct link to the past when I sat sewing at my grandmother’s knee.

<em>What is your Stitch Story?</em>

Send yours to mystory@stitchstory.net. If it gets published on the site I’ll send you a special gift for sharing.