From Suede Jacket to Funky Pillow

I have been rolling around in my mind, the idea of doing a pillow for my best friend, for a while.  I thought it would be fun to do something a little different before launching into the spring bag making frenzy.  My BF and I have very different tastes so I wanted to come up with something that I thought she would like.  When we were in World Market one day she told me that she wanted a red pillow.  So I knew that color would provide the basis for the pillow I would craft.

She’s big on quality and is quite fond of the earth, so I knew she would appreciate my desire to create something that was made from high-quality recycled material.

I chose this vibrant red suede jacket.

Red Suede Jacket

Many hours of labor later this funky pillow was born!

Red suede Pillow - After

Read the Stitch Story here.

The I Love Paris Skirt

I fell in love with this fabric when shopping in the Fabric District in NY a few weeks ago.  I am reminded of cafes, long afternoons at sidewalk cafes with friends, Girls Night Out and summer fun.

This gently pleated skirt is made with the Paris-inspired fabric surrounded by black scuba/neoprene at the top which gives the waistband plenty of stretch and a wide border of cheery, cherry-red twill which adds plenty of body to the skirt.

Skirt with Paris Theme

Perfect for fall with a Gap Jean Jacket!


It looks GOOD at the Deepak Chopra Center at the upscale ABC Carpet and Home in NY.


Would like like one in your size?  Check out the etsy link soon!