Let’s Sew Leather!


Hi! I’m Stephanie. The creator of LuxingUp.com. I started LuxingUp as a way to share my love of upcycling leather (and other textiles). When my kids grew up and life got a lot less busy, I returned to my love of sewing. But when trying to decide what I wanted to sew I was struck by an overpowering need to NOT add to all the many millions of clothing and accessory items already taking up room on our planet.

Instead I turned my attention to items that I could sew that reused materials that are already here. I took a look at some of the upcycled and recycled items out there and while I applaud anyone trying to help reduce, reuse and recycle, I was a little taken aback by some of what I saw.

To me upcycling should mean that I take a previously loved and used item up to the next lever in beauty and functionality. I decided that I would concentrate on making items and patterns for items that truly put the UP in upcycle.