Stitch Story # 3 – From RedSuede Jacket To Funky Pillow

Hello, I started out life as a bright, pretty, red suede jacket. I was very fashionable in my day. I was only worn on special occasions or to make a particularly good impression; my owner took extra special care of me.

From this…….

Red Suede Jacket





I would say, I was cherished!




Styles change and where once I was thought to be the height of fashion, slowly the times in which my owner wore me began to be fewer and fewer until there simply were no more. I began to be afraid that I would end up in a God-awful landfill like so many hundreds of thousands of my fellow under-used garments.

One day as I languished on a hanger in an unfamiliar storefront I was picked up, packaged and brought to my new home in the Stitch Story Sewing Studio. There I was unpacked, cleaned off and given new life as a funky sofa cushion.  

                                                                  ……..To this Red suede Pillow - After

    Quite a transformation!

I am happy to be of use again!

I hope you enjoy having me in your home!